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  1. Hey Alex, Not sure if you ever found an answer to this, but I believe the call to encode_media() returns a Job entity, so you could try polling it periodically for status, or perhaps find a clever way to listen to update events on the event hub regarding it's ID. That won't get you percentage completion, but you can at least get a confirmation it is complete.
  2. I'm hitting a bit of a wall with getting our location plugin to work with the Adobe suite. I've verified that my 'modify_application_launch' function is being registered to listen to the `ftrack.connect.application.launch` event, but it seems like it's not being called? I definitely do not see my change to the environment, or even the existence of the `FTRACK_EVENT_PLUGIN_PATH` on the application launch. I've tried everything I can think of to confirm whether or not the function is even being triggered, but I'm not sure of how to examine all the events passed in a session. file attached,
  3. will this work on query() as well as get()?
  4. Hey Mattais, I figured this was the case, so then I run into a slightly different problem: is there a way to tell which data members of an entity are immutable? I was hoping to iterate through the dictionary for each entity and create a new dict which could be passed as the 'data' argument for the create function, but need to be sure that I don't pass any immutable values, since the create will fail. Alternately, I suppose it could be done by creating the entity first, then attempting to assign values to the new entity while iterating through the old one, and catching the exceptions
  5. I'd also appreciate an invite, kyle@lucidsf.com
  6. Hey everyone, I'm wondering if there is an easy way to duplicate entities via the python API? My aim is to allow non-programmer team members define a template project and then duplicate it into a newly created project. My plan is to recurse through the descendants tree, but there doesn't seem to be a nice way to duplicate an entity while leaving the immutable stuff out (I've tried creating the project with the template project supplied as the 'data' value in the create method, to no avail). Ideally, I would like to include all the aspects of the project, including the project specific use
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