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  1. Still in beginner phase here... Is there any way to have connect publish to the ftrack cloud vs onto our server? Or to match the file structure that we already have in our pipeline?
  2. Hey there, I was wondering if there was any news about this. Or an idea of what is to be expected in the release. Thanks!
  3. There seem to be some good things in the works for the Studio version. Do you have any idea about the timeline for these features (6 months, a year)? We are a small studio and like the tool but could use slightly different elements. Do you need Beta testers? Thanks again for your help.
  4. Yeah that was what I was doing until Bid days started to get added to other Tasks and then everything got messed up. I have just added a Custom Attribute and I will have that pane open when looking at the time logged in Reports and compare myself.
  5. Thanks, that is a good way if everything was planned down to the hour. We work in a small motion design studio and a lot of the time the tasks are a bit looser. Is there a global project attribute for the "Hours logged" that I could pull into an Custom attribute expression (and use another custom attribute, "Time Budget") to make the calculation?
  6. Is there a way to see all of my tasks across multiple projects in a calendar view? I know there is a team calendar and a "My tasks" but is there any way to see the My Tasks page in a spreadsheet view so I can visualize my priorities? There is a Task Board, a Task List, but there should be a Task View to show them on a spreadsheet.
  7. That is what I was thinking...but would ftrack automatically do the calculation for me on the Time Tracking reports page (Percentage of time used of the total budget)? Or would I have to do this on my own (extra clicking)...Thanks!
  8. I haven't found a location to put in the total number of hours that a project has budgeted so that I can easily see what percentage of the total hours have been logged. That should show up in the time report but doesn't currently that I can see.