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  1. I do not see a mention of task's tracked time breakdown here. When i see a negative "+/- hours" on particular task i want to see who is responsible for that and when that happen. Assignee would be changed and task would be done in time but polishing took too long. Popup window on task's "Worked hours" value would be nice.
  2. The reasons are to decrease ibdata size in memory, at the moment we have it 16GB sized, out of 32GB real memory. And to speed up daily database backups. I expect that database usage is quite effective and old data do not affect on query recent data.
  3. Out studio does not experience troubles with todo notes. We add a note with a list of todos or split into several notes (critical or for future), as an artist do publish a version he see all incomplete todos and mark completed. But maybe i do not realize your workflow. It is only not convenient that `frame` bagge is added only for whole note, but Animation may contain todos on several frames. If notes could have "Compact" view to look like that todo list it would be nice. Filtration to Incomplete Notes is better than pinned messages in my opinion. We don't want to see completed todos anymore.
  4. Hi, is there update on this topic, or we have to invent this our selves?
  5. It would be button that display current filtering and open menu with checkboxes right before asset types and option Show All on clicked.
  6. I need ability to filter out specific asset type (eg. all but Texture) or/and display assets of several types as at time (eg. only Geometry and Rig). If filtering would be saved (to external config) and restored on open, that would be good deal as well. In this case i need some guideline on saving configs. Asset Manager is quite standalone so we updated to upstream forked file. And i m quite familiar with Git and pull requests.
  7. HI all, i need filtering functionality in Asset Manager and would like to implement it so it would be merged upstream. I need your advice, how to change ui components to implement such functionality because ComboBox should display something informative about current filtering.
  8. Great! So i see it here http://ftrack-connect-documentation.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/developing/publish_using_pyblish.html?highlight=pyblish . I have to try. But the way i m not happy with Pyblish validators, our own validator return very complex data including callable python objects that would fix particular issue in different ways and use of exceptions will bring undesired performance penalty.
  9. Hi, i need advanced filtering in Asset Manager, but this requires not only implementing missed functionality but interface changes. Where it is possible to discuss such changes so they would be then merged upstream?

    1. Mattias Lagergren

      Mattias Lagergren

      Absolutely! You can create a forum post about it, and/or fork the connect repo and make a pull-request to ours.

      If we're to merge it, it should be a generic solution that works for all our Customers.

  10. Hi, this Publisher variant looks more friendly. But it provides so many options... In our pipeline we firmly defined which output types would be published from particular task type (Scene+Geometry from Modeling, Scene+Rig from Rigging, etc.). We run our validation before publish dialog would appear, and require predefined nodes with particular name (camera) to be in scene and many other things. And all options are also hidden and set to defined values. All we need is description, thumbnail and friendly designed ui. So would this publisher to be setup this way from any outer facility?
  11. Hi, we managed to reuse Connect Publisher widget and add some logic over it using Qt in 3dsmax, dynamicaly overload asset types, and statically fork Import Asset dialog. It is nothing can stop you from typing in python "from ftrack_connect.ui.widget import Publisher" (not sure that it is correct) create an instance of it and play with it. We found only that without Connect running it doesn't trigger media encoding after publishing. You have to dig into common.zip and library.zip (on Windows) python module libraries from ftrack-connect-package to get how it all actually works. It is all incorrect deal but it is only way as current isn't flex enought.