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  1. And when i attempted to do a clean install inside docker, i got following: with pip==19.3,20 docker-centos7.txt
  2. I had installed ftrack_connect without any issue (but i still have a lot of wheels in pip's cache on my windows host) Although i expected implementation of build_ext command so i may not encounter ImportError for resource module when installing in development mode. First time i encountered that error i decided that it is a bug. If i: diff --git a/setup.py b/setup.py index 39990d9..fbaf6b5 100644 --- a/setup.py +++ b/setup.py @@ -261,2 +261,3 @@ configuration = dict( 'build': Build, + 'build_ext': Build, 'build_resources': BuildResources, Then "pip install -e ./ftrack-connect && python -m ftrack_connect" does not produce an error. It may be proper to implementing resources as setuptools.Extension - i don't know. build_ext.txt
  3. Sorry, it look like there is no PySide2-cp27-win32 wheel at all. I cant realize why i encounter extension building for PySide sometimes... It look like a mess but i have no concrete suggestions but "build_ext" command.
  4. Sorry, it look like there is no PySide2-cp27-win32 wheel at all. But i cant realize why i encounter extension building for PySide sometimes... It look like a mess but i have no concrete suggestions but "build_ext" command.
  5. By the way is it possible to switch to PySide2, PySide1 is not easy to obtain nowdays. There is not wheel for windows and linux, debian:buster does not provide deb package for that under py2. I will test and let you know.
  6. When i attempt to install QtExt0.2.2 i had same error with Jinja2 3.0.0a1, but "pip install Jinja2" resolve it to 2.11.1. The rest is fine, i used docker/ubuntu:18.04.
  7. I ask you to add "python setup.py build_ext" command that will execute same command class as build command. This way one will got working package installed in development mode, so less confusion for newcomers and resolve problems with third party tools (poetry in my case). According to setuptools documentation "build_ext" is executed during "develop". The issue with dependencies is something i still investigating, i had attached log, its docker/python:2, but i had such issue on fresh windows host. Some other (not so fresh) environments i have access to resolve dependencies successfully. And attached attempt to install from that branch. jinja2.txt review-standalone-installer.txt
  8. Hello, please add support for "build_ext" command in your setup.py for following packages: ftrack-connect, ftrack-connect-pipeline and (probably) qtext. "python setup.py develop" does not call "build" instead it call "build_ext" so i'm getting not working packages installed. This is important when i use third party tools like Poetry, that create virtual env and install path and url-provided dependencies in development mode. My root problem is that ftrack-connect is not building at moment as it tries to install "Jinja2 3.0.1a" that is not py2 compatible.
  9. Sorry, there is another issue, you may have to know
  10. The only node I got it working was 9.11.2 (tested 10.18.1, 11.13.0, 13.7.0). On recent versions I got same error (log above). Although I installed dependencies, there is an issue with path separators on windows: ... File to import not found or unreadable: C:Userskalem├×sktopOneDriveWorkhome├×vsstrack-connect-sparksourcestyle_theme.scss ... I fixed it by editing config/default.js
  11. Actually i managed to got working extension with npm in development mode (with two modifications). But, yarn is a good point i will keep trying to build with it. Actual log attached. And my message was about to update documentation so modification of Adobe extension for others would not be so painful.
  12. 4. And if i copy extension i got following, but expected to see ftrack panel as in released ftrack adobe extension
  13. 1. Your building_from_source.rst does not mention that on Windows you have to install windows-build-tools and grunt. I did it globally. 2. I didn't managed to start debug with following command, log attached grunt debug --family=CC2018 3. you still have no issue reporting platform((
  14. Also ftrackWidget is not suitable to handle action widgets as it does not handle content.selection in onWidgetLoad(), is there chance this to be fixed?