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  1. Hey all Quick Inbox feedback: - I noticed that when I'm filtering my inbox to show the status changes only and apply "Mark all as Read", everything gets wiped out and not only what I'm filtering. That could be handy. - Also the fact that additive filtering isn't possible, like checking both statuses and versions but not Notes and Assignment is limiting in my day to day user experience. - I also noticed Inbox choices (like checking Unread for example) are forgotten as soon as the web page is refreshed. a save function could be nice Thanks jm
  2. Great! thanks a lot Mattias
  3. Hey all When a task is created and assigned, it doesn't mean it can start right away. It's created but not available to start working on it. So I've created a status to help people know when the task is ready to start - meaning the previous task of the shot has been completed. The task is called "Ready 2 Start" I've just realized my people don't see that task in MyTask even if they are assigned to the task, because the only status that allow them to see their assigned task is "Not started" Is there a way to add more statuses allowed on myTask or is my current philosophy not aligned with Ftrack? Thanks for any help jm
  4. No big deal, it was just a feedback Thanks for the answer jm
  5. Thanks a lot Lucas It's very clear, I think putting me as a manager will solve my problems Best jm
  6. jm Khayat

    Inbox Help please

    Hey all Can someone please help me on how to actually tell the inbox that I've read something? I can't seem to find the button or menu to do so. Also, I had a note given to one of the tasks by a remote party (not a client review) and it didn't appear in my inbox so I was unaware he did that. Is there a way to make sure I'm seeing every note without having to be personally assigned to the task? Thanks guys
  7. Hey guys When I'm changing the status on a version, UI isn't consistent. In the right panel when in the version tab, I need click only once to change the status. When in task tab, I need to double click to make the same status change. Don't know about you guys, but I prefer single click drag as I'm doing this all day long Just my 2 cents jm
  8. FYI I have the exact same scroll behavior on Microsoft Edge
  9. it does the same on another machine. Windows 10 on Chrome. Our tech guys says you're probably not calling the right scrolling increment from chrome - if that helps
  10. Hey all Does this happen because of my configuration or is this a general behavior? When in Task tab, the scrolling is soooo slow, I just d'ont use it. Thanks
  11. Honestly, it's all about having the tools to view and sort information as the need arises. Having the ability to multi sort (1st by this, then by this etc..) just creates more flexibility to arrange data on a big project.
  12. Hi all As project supervisor, I'm spending time in the asset tab. I feel sorting should have more inputs but more importantly I'd like the ability to sort with several criterias: Ex: I'd like to first group my assets by Asset Name, then group by Version Status, then display the latest published. I'm used to this coming from Shotgun and that was very useful Thanks
  13. It would be easier to select the versions you want and switch to review in web or RV player thought a simple Alt-1 or Alt-2 instead of the current 3 step Right Click, review, Play. I'm also missing a way to update the Version Status in Thumb Layout and not only in Spreadsheet Layout Thnks
  14. great to hear this, thanks Fredrik
  15. please get us at least an ERASER! Also saving a drawing each time you switch to the zoom tool is not a good idea. Let us finish our draw over note when we decide it's finished thanks