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  1. pritchardhobe

    Project list export in Overview

    Great recommendation... was able to modify the sample enough to capture the data points of interest. Cheers Bryan
  2. pritchardhobe

    Project list export in Overview

    Is it at all possible to export that view to Excel/CVS? So far i haven't found any cross project reporting tools that allow any measure of exporting.
  3. pritchardhobe

    Query overall project status

    Evening community, Was trying to find a way to query the overall project status and get the %age complete as seen in the gantt chart? So far not finding much info on project level queries through Javascript.
  4. pritchardhobe

    Cross project reporting

    Thanks Mattias. But would be doable via the api's correct? Also the PM dashboard link i included above.. does that still exist?
  5. pritchardhobe

    Cross project reporting

    Also i don't seem to have access to this dashboard. Which could be very useful!
  6. pritchardhobe

    Cross project reporting

    Hey all, We run a ton of small projects and I need to somehow generate a simple report to show all the tasks that are NOT approved, across all projects. Is there a way through the interface to quickly access or would this need to be driven through api?
  7. pritchardhobe

    Large number of reviews - Collections?

    No worries. I figured that it was something like that. Is there an estimated release? Or even perhaps the ability to get a demo done of the upcoming features? I'd hate to buildout a whole new process if this will solve it all.
  8. pritchardhobe

    Large number of reviews - Collections?

    Yea the studio overview looks like the right look/feel. I requested beta for it but haven't heard back yet. Might solve all of our problems?!?!
  9. pritchardhobe

    Large number of reviews - Collections?

    Not real way of limiting the number of projects unless there's a more overarching system in place for organizing the projects + single place to see all allocations. The original way we had it setup was that each request was a unique project.. which is pretty clean but very hard to organize across the dept and the project list gets really massive (and unwieldy). To combat that have made a single project w/subprojects which does work much much better from an organization standpoint. They aren't necessarily active at the same time but a significant list of them are. For instance, a request may have upwards of 20 items within it. Each item gets its own review... mainly because the client review system doesn't support the same in review organization as the internal reviews do. Something similar to the internal review system would potentially balance it out as we could then (most likely) make a review per project vs. task and organize them by name. We do delete old and unused client reviews, it is still just a rather large list.
  10. pritchardhobe

    Slack User Group

    Would love to get added please!
  11. pritchardhobe

    Studio overview technical preview

    Yes! I would absolutely love to be on the list for this. This is something my teams needed for some time now!
  12. We use FTrack a little differently i think, than originally intended. Basically we have a project per dept, w/objects under (aka sprints) and tasks assigned to those. They tend to get rather large, but that layout works really well for task tracking within the given team. The problem comes in with reviews. We end up having to create a TON of them, and there's no way to generate folders or categories for the reviews to setup in. Let met give you an example... Clients submit a project to our custom form, which then sends it into a project -> created a new object (CSProject) -> Generates a number of tasks under based on type . Basically EACH one of those objects is considered a project, and the tasks are the individual items. Each item gets its own Client Review. The example included only shows 6 tasks, but ultimately we may have upwards of 300 tasks in there, all w/a need for their own client review. So my questions are... 1) Is it possible to create a LIST of client reviews at the object level (like in the notes section or info) to create a task specific set of reviews? 2) Any way to organize the review list? 3) Can the "Add to review" menu item list only the reviews associated w/a given object? 4) Can lists somehow drive the client reviews via name or connection on some level? Appreciate the help! This is the last hurdle i'm having w/our CS team and usability. Cheers Bryan
  13. pritchardhobe

    Issue with task creation - Javascript API

    Sure thing! //Create the initial task that will host all sub tasks. This is tied to the main project function createParentTask(task, project, type) { var taskObj = { context_type: "task", name: task, parent_id: "56c81bf8-ee28-11e6-b31d-0a580a280613", project: project, object_type_id: "c84ec37e-d787-11e6-9d0c-0a580a280613", bid: 0, priority_id: $scope.selectedPriority.priority_id, status_id: "29c8fb88-62c2-11e5-a7f9-42010af0e994", type_id: $scope.projectTypes[type].type_id } return session.create("Task", taskObj); } function createTask(task, project, rootTask) { var taskObj = { context_type: "task", name: task, parent_id:, project: project, object_type_id: "11c137c0-ee7e-4f9c-91c5-8c77cec22b2c", bid: 0, priority_id: $scope.selectedPriority.priority_id, status_id: "29c8fb88-62c2-11e5-a7f9-42010af0e994", type_id: "44dbfca2-4164-11df-9218-0019bb4983d8" } return session.create("Task", taskObj); }
  14. pritchardhobe

    Issue with task creation - Javascript API

    Welp looks like user error. I had an incorrect TYPE_ID in the task creation process... not sure at all why it wasn't working as it was a valid type but i think it might have been a type that wasn't part of the project schema.
  15. pritchardhobe

    Issue with task creation - Javascript API

    Quick update to this.. I've changed the variable i pass in to a new one, and use that for the response data from the ParentTask and it gets a little further. Its still erroring in a vague way but the API output in the network window gives me this twice, which would indicate to me its something to do w/the tying the two tasks i created to the parent task. "Bidirectional attribute conflict detected: Passing object <Task at 0x7fe0da1bbad0> to attribute "" triggers a modify event on attribute "Task.ancestors" via the backref "Task.descendants"." exception:"ValueError"