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  1. Thanks JPrydz. After talking with the FTrack staff it seems that I'm not on the latest version.. upgrade coming next week!
  2. Hey all, Trying to setup queries for our CS staff to better manage their views but i don't seem to have that option available as a filter type. I do have the feature enabled in the system settings.. am i missing something?
  3. Great recommendation... was able to modify the sample enough to capture the data points of interest. Cheers Bryan
  4. Is it at all possible to export that view to Excel/CVS? So far i haven't found any cross project reporting tools that allow any measure of exporting.
  5. Evening community, Was trying to find a way to query the overall project status and get the %age complete as seen in the gantt chart? So far not finding much info on project level queries through Javascript.
  6. Thanks Mattias. But would be doable via the api's correct? Also the PM dashboard link i included above.. does that still exist?
  7. Also i don't seem to have access to this dashboard. http://ftrack.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/using/managing_projects/using_the_project_manager_dashboard.html Which could be very useful!
  8. Hey all, We run a ton of small projects and I need to somehow generate a simple report to show all the tasks that are NOT approved, across all projects. Is there a way through the interface to quickly access or would this need to be driven through api?
  9. No worries. I figured that it was something like that. Is there an estimated release? Or even perhaps the ability to get a demo done of the upcoming features? I'd hate to buildout a whole new process if this will solve it all.
  10. Yea the studio overview looks like the right look/feel. I requested beta for it but haven't heard back yet. Might solve all of our problems?!?!
  11. Not real way of limiting the number of projects unless there's a more overarching system in place for organizing the projects + single place to see all allocations. The original way we had it setup was that each request was a unique project.. which is pretty clean but very hard to organize across the dept and the project list gets really massive (and unwieldy). To combat that have made a single project w/subprojects which does work much much better from an organization standpoint. They aren't necessarily active at the same time but a significant list of them are. For instance, a request
  12. Would love to get added please! Bryanpritchard@livenation.com
  13. Yes! I would absolutely love to be on the list for this. This is something my teams needed for some time now!
  14. We use FTrack a little differently i think, than originally intended. Basically we have a project per dept, w/objects under (aka sprints) and tasks assigned to those. They tend to get rather large, but that layout works really well for task tracking within the given team. The problem comes in with reviews. We end up having to create a TON of them, and there's no way to generate folders or categories for the reviews to setup in. Let met give you an example... Clients submit a project to our custom form, which then sends it into a project -> created a new object (CSProject) ->
  15. Sure thing! //Create the initial task that will host all sub tasks. This is tied to the main project function createParentTask(task, project, type) { var taskObj = { context_type: "task", name: task, parent_id: "56c81bf8-ee28-11e6-b31d-0a580a280613", project: project, object_type_id: "c84ec37e-d787-11e6-9d0c-0a580a280613", bid: 0, priority_id: $scope.selectedPriority.priority_id, status_id: "29c8fb88-62c2-11
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