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  1. Hi there, I recently switched away from Ftrack to Shotgun because the publishing tools seems so broken and limited in Ftrack. Shotgun does it much better, but the program as a whole is terrible and a pain to use. Ftrack is far superior when it comes to ease of use - with the excepting of publishing. I quickly switched back to Ftrack and now have to figure out a solution to my issue. Both programs seem to have terrible documentation and I can't figure this out. We have a small studio and I am a VFX supervisor. We have a pipeline that works perfectly for a studio our size and I don't want to mess around with it too much. My issue is that Ftrack seems to be be very rigid when it comes to publishing files. It wants to create it's own file structure which in my opinion is a complete disaster. I'm really not sure how anyone works this way. I want the artists to be able to submit shots for review that retain the naming convention of the shot they submitted, and retain the path on our server to the shot. I want to open a group of shots submitted throughout the day in RV - launched from Ftrack and review, annotate and make notes from within RV (on the original shots) that then get transferred to the shot tasks for the artist to see. Pretty straightforward. What I don't want is for Ftrack to copy the shot to some other location on my server, place it in a folder within a folder within a folder within a folder within a folder and rename the file "". Before I ask how I can do this, I'm just wondering if someone can just give me a straight up answer if this is even possible. We've spent days trying to solve this. There are very few but broad and unhelpful documents about publishing, but otherwise the internet seems to be devoid of any useful help on this issue. Thank you so much for your help! cheers, Mike Ritchie
  2. Hey Fredrik, Just curious about the status of this feature. It would be super handy to have. Thanks!