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  1. If there was a way for the event to return the hostname or ip of the browser from which an action is called you could at least verify on which machine the action is called. This doesn't solve the multiple instances on one machine issue, but for users logged in on multiple workstations you could at least filter out your custom hooks so only those available on that machine are discovered.
  2. Ok, so the issue was with these lines: shot["custom_attributes"] = shot_data["custom_attributes"] shot["metadata"] = shot_data["metadata"] which doesn't work anymore, at least with ftrack 3.5.9 and API version 1.0.4. All credits to Eric Hermelin from ftrack support for figuring it out and providing the solution: for key, value in shot_data["custom_attributes"].items(): shot['custom_attributes'][key] = value for key, value in shot_data["metadata"].items(): shot['metadata'][key] = value Everything is working fine again now. Thanks Eric and Matthias for resol
  3. Hi, We've migrated to ftrack 3.5 today and now I'm having a hard time debugging this error: shot_thumbnail = shot.create_thumbnail(shotObj.thumbnail) File "/../ftrack_api/entity/component.py", line 59, in create_thumbnail server_location.add_component(thumbnail_component, [origin_location]) File "/../ftrack_api/entity/location.py", line 78, in add_component [component], sources=source, recursive=recursive File "/../ftrack_api/entity/location.py", line 250, in add_components transferred=transferred LocationError: Failed to register components with location <ServerLocation
  4. Allright, we'll have to make do then. Thanks!
  5. Thank you Mattias, that works nicely. Is there also a way to sort Attribute groups in the web interface? Willem
  6. Hi, right now, when I create custom attributes I can group them, but not sort them in the web interface. Changes made to custom attributes sometimes cause random sorting changes. Is there a way to sort them properly? Thanks, Willem
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