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  1. konstep

    add user event

    Thank you for the answer, that's great news
  2. konstep

    add user event

    Hi, i would like to check. Does new user creation generate any event? Thank you
  3. Hi, thank you for reply. For me, the "type to search" field would be ample. In our case, the reason for request, is different naming of shots across cooperating companies. So custom attribute would help listening right shot. Fields name and description are occupied. Its needed only to filter one specific project. Dont know about usability in global search. Thank you
  4. Hi, there is request from my company. They would like to use Quick Search also for filtering according to one of ours Custom Attributes. Is it possible to add property to Custom Attribute creation, which would add it to pool of searched attributes? Thank you
  5. Thank you, that was it. One of the computers was still running version of the action, which was missing register on user. Restart of ftrack-connect on this computer banished the "ghost".
  6. Hi, i run in strange issue lately. During setup of new Action somehow happens, that one version of this action "baked", sorry for this expression, but i cant find better. This ghost action appears, even if there is no ftrack-connect running. At first I thought that it was just duplicated action, caused by wrong register setup (the action appears twice). But after i renamed label, it stayed there with previous name. Everybody sees this non-existing action, even with no ftrack-connect running (in that case this is the only available action). It obviously starts my old code, but the script file itself no longer exists on the server. If i run ftrack-connect with console, every action is properly registered and there is no mention about this "ghost" action. Is there anyway how to discover from where this action is coming? Is there any kind of cache of actions directly in the ftrack-web (i mean on website)? For example where is stored "Recent" actions? Do you have any idea what happend? Thank you for any help
  7. Hello, i have problem with custom attributes defined under project. We have some global settings defined per project, each of them is set to be readable by RestrictedUser. Problem is that RestrictedUsers has type Assigned and he sees Custom Attributes only under his assigned Tasks and do not see any under Project itself. I dont want to use hierarchical setting, just to have readable Project attributes for all users. I am trying to read attributes by api. Did i missed something during setup or is this feature?
  8. konstep


    Hi, i am trying to get list of all defined FileTypes from Ftrack settings through the API. So far i didnt find to correct command. Can somebody help me? Thank you, Stepan
  9. Hello, i have issue with publishing from photoshop. Ftrack publish will complete everything and send data to ftrack, but the path to the version file is wrong. The path always leads to temporary folder under the c:/Users/username/AppData/Temp/.. . Temporary appData folder also containts photoshop files, i guess photoshop is generating them, but the actual work files are stored elsewhere on server. What can i do, to convince ftrack to store user-related path, instead of photoshop-generated temporary files? Thank you, Stepan