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  1. Hi Martin, Thanks for looking into this. I would not consider these points as urgent. But both are important features we would love to have within the next months. Best regards, Giovani.
  2. Hi, We would ask for 2 enhancements in ftrack inside Maya: 1) A button, similar to the conventional "attach image", but more like an "attach screenshot". So the user can click on it and have the viewport image automatically attached to the note. 2) Similar to previous, but like an "attach renderview", so the image currently displayed on the renderview would be automatically saved and attached to the note. We considered developing these features ourselves, posting the note with attachment using the ftrack API, but this would require us to create a custom window for the user to input tex
  3. Hi Classen, We have the same issue here, we are around 120 people running many (many!) concurrent projects. A page where we can see the occupancy of the whole studio would be great! More specifically, if we could see occupancy (current and future) of groups of users, let's say, modelers, animators, etc, this would be awesome! +1 for this feature request. Regards, Giovani.
  4. Hi, It would be great to have an option to follow / unfollow items (projects, asset builds, tasks, etc.). Followers would just receive notifications in their inboxes (or mail-boxes) about changes or updates in any task down the hierarchy they have selected to follow. It could work just like an assigned user, but the term "follow" makes it more clear who is in charge of doing the task ("Assignee") and who is just observing it ("Following"). Regards, Giovani.
  5. Cool, thanks for both clarifying and adding this feature to your roadmap!
  6. The "Import" feature in the Projects page works really great, specially in conjunction with Task Templates. But I've noticed we can map columns to Sequences, Shots and Tasks, not to Asset Builds. I would ask for a way to import Asset Builds as well. Imagine there's a lot of assets to be created, if users could just paste a list of asset names, like: Bob, Character; Gun, Prop; Bedroom, Set; and so on.. It would save a lot of clicks on the system. Or is there another way to create a bunch of Asset Builds at the same time? Thanks, Giovani.
  7. Great to hear. As I said, it's not that important for us, but it's good to know it's in your roadmap. Let us know any updates on this. Thanks!
  8. About personal checklist, it could be presented to the user without loosing context. It would be great to navigate through tasks, shots, versions, projects, etc., while still showing the personal checklist somewhere on the screen, like something you can easily toggle on/off. Anyway, having the checklist in the inbox, or in "My Tasks" pane somewhere, sounds it's going to get the job done.
  9. Hi, This is not a feature request, it's just intended to know the official position about internationalization on ftrack. Do you have plans to support other languages? Is it something we (studios) can do internally, by locally translating a dictionary of terms used inside ftrack? Just wondering, it's not a high priority issue for us... Thanks, Giovani.
  10. Hi, We are very interested in this feature as well. Specially if supervisors could create checklists for themselves, in each project they are coordinating. Will it be possible? Thanks, Giovani.
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