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  1. Yes I'm triggering the makeReviewable through ftrack-connect/resource/hook/make_web_playable.py, by : ftrack.Review.makeReviewable(version, path)
  2. hi, I would like when I publish an AssetVersion, that my thumbnail is used to update the parents Task and Shot. The problem is that the thumbnail is generated by makeReviewable and I have no way of knowing when it's finished. Because when it finishes generating the web review it crushes the current thumbnail by his own. In summary : - how can I detect the addition of a new thumbnail? And execute code as soon as it happens - is there a better solution for it to do it automatically? Thank !
  3. Hi, Very often graphic artists try to connect and their account is temporarily disabled, because we have a lot of change in our teams. Can you to the login display say "Account disabled" and why not customize it for instance "Account Disable Contact X through blabla@email.com", instead of just saying the wrong message "Incorrect username or password."
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