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    colorbleed got a reaction from Fredrik Limsater in ftrack into pipeline toolset   
    We're looking to get some better integrations with ftrack into our own offline interfaces of our pipeline.
    At this moment we're working off of a great foundation in the studio with an explorer (browser), asset loader, app launcher and lots of other tools.
    The intentions now are to mix these up with ftrack, like pull thumbnails from ftrack and push information to ftrack upon publishes, etc.
    As such I'm wondering what way we should go about this.
    Would we be designing our own Widgets using the API completely from scratch? Or can we use widgets from connect in our own interfaces?
    Are the widgets in connect intended to be used that way? Things that would potentially make it easy to display thumbnails of an asset (or other information)?
    Would the integrations require a running connect? Or when would we use it specifically?
    Integrating ftrack into our tools
    What's the best way to go about this? Any tips from the community are also very welcome!

    It would be great to have informational up-to-date widgets that are all built to be smoothly cached internally. Yet at this stage it's hard to see if I'm building from the ground up or if there are elements I can connect together to get up and running faster (and even share back?)
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    colorbleed reacted to tokejepsen in Status Assign   
    Wanted to share an event plugin we have been using for a while now;
    The plugin will assign users to a task when the task enters a specified status, and vice-versa unassign those people from the task when the task exits the status. In production we use it to assign supervisors to tasks when the tasks status changes to "Supervisor Review". This means the supervisor can stay within their "My Tasks" tab and get notified of the tasks they need to review.
    Apart from having the event plugin running, which you can either do by running it individually or explore;, to have multiple event plugins running.
    You will also need to setup project groups, to assign who needs to assigned to what types of tasks. See the attached image.
    - Setup a project group with the name of the status you want to track.
    - Setup a subgroup within the above group with the name of the type of task you want to track.
    - Add the people you want to get assigned to a task, when the status changes, to the subgroup.

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    colorbleed reacted to tokejepsen in Status Assign   
    A quick video showing the workflow.