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  1. I'm using Nuke Studio to export a large number of shots that have been retimed. The entire project was shot in slow motion and then sped up considerably in edit. Ftrack doesn't see the retiming, though. The frame counts and previews are based on the source footage. It's not a huge deal, but on some of the more extreme retimes -- one goes from 1,336 frames to 36 frames -- I'm uploading a considerable amount of data. Is there a workaround for this? Thank you!
  2. Thanks! This is very helpful. I wrote an event listener that shifts a task's status from "Not started" to "Assigned" when an artist is assigned. I want to add a secondary event that shifts the status to "Ready for Review" when a video is uploaded. To do this, I think I need to shift the "Assigned" status's corresponding status to "Not Started" instead of "In Progress" so the update to the task -- the uploading of a video -- triggers the "Auto start on activity" event. Or I could just expand my event listener to look for new uploads.
  3. When I upload an asset, such as a video, to a task, the status automatically changes from "Not Started" to "In Progress." Is there a setting that allows me to change the new status to something else, such as a custom status? I've been combing through the workflow documentation, but I can't seem to find anything applicable. Thanks! Joshua Krause
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    Custom notifications

    Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately our editors aren't up for adopting anything new. Therefore I simply added their email addresses as metadata at the project level, queried it via API, and used Python's default smtplib module to send notification emails. This worked great. This brings me to my next question. My original notification script was coded as a generic Ftrack action, but my supervisor requested that I convert it into a Connect hook. Unfortunately, after a bunch of debugging, I've found that 'import smtplib' doesn't work in Connect. The hook fails to load. Is there a known work-around? EDIT: Mattias gave me some help in chat. I didn't realize that Connect has its own Python library. I placed a copy of the smtplib into 'Library.zip' and my action worked as expected.
  5. JKrause

    Custom notifications

    Hello, I've been working on a simple action that moves approved files from our internal VFX server to a server used by our editors. The editors don't use FTrack, so I'd like to create custom email notifications to inform them when a file has been moved into their transfer folder. Is there a way to access email via the API? Since the editors aren't Ftrack users, I would like to store their email in the shot's metadata and send a simple "Shot XXXX has been transferred" notice whenever the action is used. Any advice is appreciated, Joshua