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  1. That worked perfectly! Thanks again!
  2. Thanks, I just realized what I did doesn't work for anything but the shot itself. I'll give yours a test run! Thanks!!
  3. Whoops, fixed it myself. In the actions python file I added 'sequence': { 'name': entity.getParent().get('name') } and this returns the sequence.name to the template file.
  4. Hey all, it's my first day with Ftrack and I find having the web UI create folders is the easiest (fastest) way to work for me. I've got the sample Create Folder Action working but I want it to pull the sequence name. By defualt it is set up for {project.name}/shots/{shot.name} as the base. What I want is {project.name}/sequences/{sequence.name}/shots/{shot.name}. I've updated the template python file but I need the variable to pass to it. What should I be adding to the python file to make this work? Sorry for the noobish question but I've tried to add the sequence to the action and so far I haven't gotten it to work. Thanks! Anthony