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  1. Hallo , yes i wanted to make a server acessor but unluckily whats in the tutorial is only for diskacessor , but using server acessor requires different way of handling . i could not find though more information about it ,and when i used it i had several problems thats why i wanted to know more about it , kindly could you help me in this issue ?
  2. Thanks for Replying , and yes your understanding of my problem was perfect , thats exactly what i want to do but cant i make a new location using serveracessor and use it instead of using the ftrack.server location which has already alot of files stored on it ? . I want to do that because every file has to have a container and ftrack.server does not allow me to make containers on the componenets .
  3. I want to upload some files as components on new location . I want to create the location with Serveracessor , is this possible , could you provide me with a simple example ? and what its limitations ?
  4. My module has two parts First part : A user upload some files as components and add them to the ftrack server , noting that this user is on remote place, therefore his diskaccessor wont be saved in the location created . as follows : Uploading the Files def createLocation(name ,priority=10 ): #localRootPath = raw_input('Please Enter Your FULL Root Path here : \n') localRootPath = '/Users/localadmin/Downloads/ftrackProjects/' location = ftrack.LOCATION_PLUGINS.get(name) if not location: accessor = ftrack.DiskAccessor(prefix=localRootPath) # Create folder structure based on structure of origin . structure = ftrack.IdStructure() # Create a location object location = ftrack.ensureLocation(name) location = ftrack.Location( name, accessor=ftrack.DiskAccessor(prefix= localRootPath), structure=structure, priority=priority ) ftrack.LOCATION_PLUGINS.add(location) return location location = createLocation('ola')ftrack.LOCATION_PLUGINS.add(location)inputPath = '/Users/localadmin/Downloads/ftrackProjects/Upload/second/' component = ftrack.createComponent(name='test', path='/Users/localadmin/Downloads/ftrackProjects/test.txt', location=location, manageData=True) Second Part is Other user in Other Country Download this file def get_target_location(): '''Return configured location instance for target location.''' location_name = 'endzfdlgldfgk' prefix = os.path.expanduser('/Users/localadmin/Download/ftrackProjects/Upload/second/') ftrack.ensureLocation(location_name) accessor = ftrack.DiskAccessor(prefix=prefix) structure = ftrack.IdStructure() target_location = ftrack.Location( location_name, accessor=accessor, structure=structure, priority=1 ) return target_location target_location = get_target_location() source_location = ftrack.Location('ola') componets = source_location.getComponents() for componet in componets: component_id = componet.getId() component = ftrack.Component(component_id, location=source_location) target_location.addComponent(component)
  5. Hallo , These files could be text files, images, or media files . these files are being uploaded to our ftrack server using python API code by our colleague from his PC , this API simply create a location with diskaccessor and add these files as components on it . Now the main aim is to download these files on a colleague pc located in another country from ftrack server (where we uploaded our files ). The support team informed us that in order to copy files from ftrack server, we have to create a new location and call it target location , then add the uploaded files as components to it using Addcomponent function , However we faced another big problem , that this method requires an accessor for both the new created target location and the component source location . When we retrieve the component(files uploaded ) from the ftrack server , it does not have an accessor on it, even when i used the getaccessor() method it returned null .
  6. i am afraid it did not work for me as well, the main issue is i just want to download some files from my ftrack server , could this be done without needing to create a new location and add a component on it ? like a donwload function or soemthing in ftrack which could be called by my python API code
  7. I want to download or copy files from the ftrack location , inside this there are several components which id like to copy them to my local drive .i have seen only in the documentation samples for dropbox and how to wrap my component to a file using dropbox accessor .could this be done but on the local drive? as the task is to synchronise files between my local drive and ftrack server account components and i could only find diskaccessor and dropbox accessor ..