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  1. Hi Carl, We would like to have more control over who gets these notifications. Often the list is created or cloned by a production assistant, or someone who doesn't transfer the notes. Also would like to notify multiple people. Ideally we would like to send notifications to anyone with certain "roles" on the project to get notified, namely the producers and vfx supervisors since they ultimately are the ones who will transfer that feedback to the artists. -Anthony
  2. Any chance we could get an ETA on this feature?
  3. Ok, for some reason, client review notifications arent showing up again. In fact they've only ever appeared for one review session. For that one session, it appeared in my Inbox feed like the attached image, but that one review session was the only one Ive ever gotten these notifications from, and we've sent out at least a few of these a week.
  4. Hey Mattias, You may be right, and perhaps you could explain in more detail how that would be done. I would prefer not to add another status after "complete" just to have a way to get it off the task board but maybe thats not what youre thinking. Though we are a small operation and I don't have a programmer on staff (yet) to mess around with customizing much. I am having to depend on the tools and releases that you guys put out.
  5. Oh I see. We generally leave comments on versions, not tasks, but in a few cases it looks like the comments were logged at the task level. Speaking of comments/notes - woulndt it be nice for an artist to mark the notes as "done" or "addressed" so artists could keep track of what's left for them to do? Then that indicator could show the number of "unaddressed" notes at the task AND the version level. THAT would be useful. -ak
  6. Hey, me again, So we do a lot of TV shows which run for many episodes and sometimes seasons. It would be nice to be able to mark en episode object as "complete" or "inactive" and have that effect its dependent tasks' visibility in the Task Board so that those completed tasks fall off the Artist's list. As Artists complete more and more tasks on more and more episodes, the completed task lists gets pretty unwieldy for the Artists. -ak
  7. Hey there ftrack, me again. So I love this upcoming dates pane in the task board but I there are a few minor UI improvements I think would make it even better. 1) If the date listed has passed, it would be nice to color the date RED. If its within days of the date maybe it goes orange - Might even be cool to have a divider showing where TODAY lands 2) Dates seem to take a while to fall off this list, is it like 2 weeks? Would be nice to customize this. (the attachment posted was taken Sept 17, and theres still Sept 11 date on there) 3) The "show more" button at the bottom seems unneccesary. I feel like I always have to press it because by default I only get 5 dates which doesnt even begin to take up enough real estate anyway. I think you should just have them all show up. If theres a lot maybe you have a button on the bottom that instead says "TODAY" and scrolls you back centered on today.
  8. On some of my task cards I have a little circle on the upper right corner that reads "1". What are these signifying? I cant figure it out and I dont see it in the docs. See attachment.
  9. All features mentioned by Milan above would be great but I especiialy agree with #1, #2 and #5 ! -ak
  10. Hey ftrack, It would be really awesome to have an asset/element library for 2D and 3D assets built right in to ftrack. Seems like the underlying structure for this could borrow a lot from how projects already work and with the new workflows feature, it seems totally possible for a user like myself to use the project structure to cobble something like this together. BUT, I think if it were implemented as a separate feature, theres so much you guys could do with the interface. I imagine that there would be a unique link for it in the main navigation bar right next to "My Tasks" so that everyone on ftrack would have access to it. The interface would allow you to filter and naviagte thru different categories of 2D elements (smoke, fire, muzzle flashes, etc) or 3D assets (props, vehicles, charactes, etc). Each one could either have a thumbnail or a small quicktime that would play when you hover over it ( like for example). Futhermore, would be great to then build some intergration into nuke/maya so that you could download/import assets from thier location right into your script/scene. -ak
  11. Strange, I seem to be getting notifications now. It looks like my site was upgraded to 3.2 just this morning - perhaps that has something to do with it.
  12. If my producer transfers the feedback from a client review, I do see those notifications. But when the client leaves feedback thru the portal, neither one of us are notified of that event. We just have to keep going to the review session screen to check and see if the client left notes.
  13. Hey guys, So this is something we've run into a few times. When clients go to review shots, sometimes we only get notes on the first 10 or so shots because the clients don't know to scroll further to the right in the navigator on the bottom. In some browsers, the scroll bar doesnt show up unless you start scrolling, so the clients cant see that theres more to the list. Clicking the next button on the review area works to take the client to the next one, but most clients click on the the individual shots below instead of using the next button. All thats really needed here is an additional interface element that makes it more clear that the bottom navigator scrolls and that there may be more shots there. Perhaps an small overlay on the right side of the bottom area that says "More" with and arrow to the right that shows up when you hover over the bottom area. -ak
  14. Seems like only the person that sends out the client review invites gets notified when a collaborator leaves notes in the session. Is this the case? My producer is the one that adds all the collaborators and sends out the invites, and its she is the only one that gets notified when the clients submit notes thru the client portal. I am listed as the "VFX Supervisor" manager position on the project, but I do not get these notfications and I dont see anywhere to turn these notifications on. Am I missing something?
  15. Very cool, thank you for sharing. Hopefully something like this will get built into ftrack-connect
  16. It would be nice to be able to filter the "latest versions" widget to show only versions that are "pending review" or any other status. I rarely want to see every version - I just want to see what needs to be reviewed, and for my producer it would be good to see what versions have been approved for delivery, etc. -ak
  17. I would like to see an implementation of the dashboard concept that spans multiple projects. As a supervisor in a small shop, I am often overseeing multiple projects and it would be nice to be able to see the latest versions for review, artist workload, etc across all projects that I am listed as a Manager. -ak
  18. +1 on the original topic of this post. When versions start to get published, the thumbnail of that version should propigate up the tree until it hits something that already has a thumbnail. In addition to that default behavior, it would be nice to have an option in the settings that version thumbnails overwrite task and shot thumnails automatically even if a previous thumb exists.
  19. Hey ftrack, I saw that this had been brought up in an old post but I didn't any much movement on it so I thought I would re-post the request. It would be great to have the option to match the ftrack published version with the actual version of the file or at least have the option to enter a version number manually as a fallback. If you're also publishing multiple components, it would be great to have a check in there to make sure that all your filenames share the same version number. I know this is possible thru the API and building a custom publisher, but thats not really an option for our small studio at the moment. I would like to see this feature added to ftrack-connect as I'm sure many other people would. -ak
  20. Hey ftrack, It would be great if you could add the ability to filter a report by not only the project but the episode. When looking at a time tracking report, I want to know how much time was spent on a particular episode, not the project as a whole. -ak
  21. It would be an excellent feature of ftrack-connect to offer a UI for registering your workstation as a location in ftrack. That way when you publish using ftrack-connect, your component paths will be managed. I assume you might also want to add a preference in the ftrack web interface that would allow or disallow this functionality from connected ftrack-connect users.
  22. 3dsmax integration would be amazing. I've got a lot of 3dsmax artists on my roster and I would love them to be better integrated.
  23. I made symlinks and placed them in the default locations where Nuke would normally install them, that seems to be a workaround for now.