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  1. Ok now it works. I first tried to copy shortcut links to the C: drive, but that didnt work. Then I changed that script, pointing to my E: drive. This works now, ftrack now finds Photoshop when pressing the Action button. Thank you very much
  2. Hello, We just started using ftrack and are testing it, so this is probably a noob question I just tried to install the extension for Photoshop. But when I click on Publish, it says Error: Unable to publish; Not connected to event server. Also when choosing an Action on the website I dont get Photoshop as an option. In the Photoshop extension debug info it says this: I also use Maya. Maya works. The thing is I got Maya installed on my C: drive , but all Adobe Programms are installed on my E: drive. I think ftrack connect doesnt find my Adobe programms, because they are not installed in the C drive? How do I tell ftrack connect to look for programms also installed on my E: drive? Or where do I change those settings from the debug info (user, entityId and entityType) ?