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  1. Just in case somebody else stumbles across this: The main reason for these (and other freezes I kept getting with the ftrack api) was that Max is not able to handle threads in Python that well. Especially printing to the maxscript listener from different threads make it freeze in no time. From the Help section of Maxplus: You can circumvent this by either disconnecting the sys.stdout: or using some other hackery to filter the output before it reaches the listener. Nico
  2. Ok, I found the reason for this. It seems the it was the Debug output that froze Max and not the new Api. After setting logging back to Info it now works. Strange nevertheless. Nico
  3. Hi, there seems to be a problem between Max and the new api. I'm using Max 2015. While the old api does work, the new one freezes Max as soon as I call "ftrack_api.Session()". In logging debug this is as far as it gets: DEBUG:ftrack_api.session.Session:Calling server http://zz-str-ftrk001/api with '[{"action": "query_server_information"}]'INFO:requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool:Starting new HTTP connection (1): zz-str-ftrk001DEBUG:requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool:"POST /api HTTP/1.1" 200 NoneDEBUG:ftrack_api.session.Session:Call took: 0.156DEBUG:ftrack_api.session.Session:Response: u'[{"version": ""}]'INFO:requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool:Starting new HTTP connection (1): zz-str-ftrk001DEBUG:requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool:"GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 NoneAnd then Max freezes. I'm using api 0.7.0 and the server is on From commandline or maya everything works fine. And since I'd prefer to base all upcoming stuff on the new api I'd love to get it to work in Max too. Cheers, Nico
  4. Hi, we have quite a lot of custom attributes. And views that contain lots of them. But apparently filtering stops to work if there are more than 16 custom attributes shown in a view. Everything works fine if I stay below, but once this limit is reached the filter only returns empty listings. This is rather problematic for production here, so a quick fix would be really nice. Cheers, Nico
  5. Hi Carl, I see, thanks for the quick answer. Is there any way to show all assetversions on a shot or asset in a column in the review apps? When doing reviews in RV it would be cool to have all tasks available. For example you load a sequence of shots, but when looking at a shot you often go up an down in the hierarchy, compare compositing with lighting output, or even have a quick look at animation playblasts or plates. And all this with a whole sequence of shots loaded and without leaving RV. Like Screening Room does? There you can go up and down through all versions on all tasks on a shot/asset. It kind of works when I create a list with all version and then group by "Asset Parent". But I think it would be nice to have when loading up a shot or sequence directly through ftrackReview. If too many versions then show up you could still filter by task, user, status etc. Basically have the same list and filter functionality from the Versions spreadsheet right in RV. Thanks, Nico
  6. Hi, I have created a couple of assetversions on a shot, in different tasks. I can see them in the Versions Tab on the Shot in the ftrack web interface. But when I use review, no matter if through RV or the webreview, it always just shows one assetversion. Isn't it supposed to show all assetversions in the timeline when I hit add or replace? I have 1 assetversion in compositing and two in lighting. When I hit replace on the shot it shows the assetversion from comp. When I go into lighting it shows one assetversion from lighting, but not both. Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks, Nico
  7. I would like to bring this up too. Since we want to set our folders via the project hierarchy it would help having short code fields for projects, asset build types and task types.
  8. colt

    objectTypes of getParents

    Ok, good to know. I hope the new api comes out soon. Cheers, Nico
  9. Hi, I was using .getParents() to walk up a hierarchy. But somehow most of the ancestors are instances of "ftrack.Task" instead of Shots, Sequences, Assets ... everything is a ftrack.Task. task = ftrack.Task("6294c5d0-ef42-11e4-b6a6-7ee140bd5662") //a Task on an Assetfor parent in task.getParents(): print type(parent)Result:<class 'FTrackCore.api.client.Task'> //should be Asset<class 'FTrackCore.api.client.Task'> //AssetGroup - I don't know what that should return<class 'FTrackCore.api.client.Project'> //this is correctAm I missing something here? I was expecting Shots,Sequences,Asset etc. Thanks, Nico
  10. Hey, is there a way to reload all hooks and actions without closing and restarting connect? Maybe via code so I could create an action or event that triggers the reload? Since I store everything centrally it would make it easier getting updates to everyone. Cheers, Nico