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    richyfrost reacted to Milan Kolar in Thumbnail to Parent/Children   
    Maybe these will help someone.
    2 Actions we use regularly. When ran on an entity (single or multiple selection), they push it's thumbnail to it's direct parent or all it's children, depending on which one you run
    Works asynchronously as a job so even running it on big numbers of items shouldn't be a problem.
    Action - thumb to children
    Action - thumb to parent
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    richyfrost reacted to Fredrik Limsater in SLL Error connecting to server   
    A few customers have reported issues connecting with their server, seeing the error: "Sign in failed! An SLL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server can not be made."
    It has to do with iOS 9 stricter security requirements and AWS slowness to implement the required features - this is a related case on Stack overflow -
    Most of our customers are on Google Cloud and are not effected by this. We will submit a fix to Apple this week for our AWS customers. It can take up to 2 weeks before Apple review the fix and approve it for App Store.
    Update: Version 1.0.1 available in App Store 16 December that fixes this issue