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    Nebukadhezer reacted to Steve Petterborg in Get all objects from User Groups   
    Hi Johannes,
    Towards the bottom of this page (search for "subclass") we show some examples of casting a result to a single type:
    In your case, I believe you query string would be:
    "AssetVersion where task.assignments.resource[User].memberships.group.name is {}"  
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    Nebukadhezer got a reaction from Steve Petterborg in HDR/LOG 10bit Review-mp4   
    vp9 is possible at the moment make sure to use a mp4 container though... with webm as an extension it wont work.
    x265 I think is problematic as the browser support is still limited. We use log c jpgs in RV a lot so, having OCIO ideally in the browser would be great.
    Have been having the same dream to have log encoded media in the web too.
    While talking about VP9, we have not made the switch cause the encoding times with ffmpeg compared to x264 are ridiculously high... this was a year ago maybe....  
    I have not tried 10 bit...
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    Nebukadhezer got a reaction from Remus Avram in Make "Open in new Tab" possible on all knobs, buttons, links   
    One should be able to use the middle mouse on everything to open in a new tab
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