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    Our extensions support CC 2015 and can be downloaded from:




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    That worked perfectly! Thanks again!
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    Carl Claesson reacted to tokejepsen in Create Folder Action help   
    Haven't used the action myself, but I would think you need to modify the data dictionary here;
    This is not tested, but should give you an idea:
    def createFoldersFromEntity(self, entity): '''Generate folder structure from *entity*. Entity is assumed to be either a project, episode, sequence or shot. ''' # Get all shots on the entity. shots = entity.getChildren('Shot', depth=None) # Loop over all shots and generate the data that should be passed to the # templates. for shot in shots: data = { 'project': { 'name': entity.getProject().get('name') }, 'shot': { 'name': shot.get('name') }, 'sequence': { 'name': shot.getParent().get('name') } } # Pass the data to each template and create the folders unless they # already exist. for template in self.templates: try: templatePath = template.format(data) except lucidity.error.FormatError: print('Not enough information provided for this template.') continue # Raise error if path is absolute since it will not be joined # with prefix correctly. if os.path.isabs(templatePath): raise ValueError('Template path should be relative.') fullPath = os.path.join(self.prefix, templatePath) try: os.makedirs(fullPath) except OSError as error: if error.errno != errno.EEXIST: raiseProblem with this is that a parent of a shot could be other entities than a sequence, so to improve this you should probably test to see if the parent is a sequence.
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    Carl Claesson got a reaction from Jason.Feng in Problem with ftrack_connect for Nuke 8 on Ubuntu 14.04   
    When running Connect from source no plugins are loaded by default. You will need to install and add them separately.
    We just opened up the repository containing the Nuke plugin and you can find it here:
    We're currently working on documentation for how to run them from source and not from a built package. I'll update this thread when I have the complete steps needed to make it run.
    Note: Bitbucket seem to have some problems with their web site at the moment.
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    Carl Claesson reacted to instinct-vfx in execution time limit has been in ftrack action?   
    For longer scripts you have to use asyncronous actions that launch into the background. See the batchupload example that uses an @async decorator function:

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    Thanks, Carl!
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    Carl Claesson reacted to sonictk in Download all Components from AssetVersion   
    Hi all:
    Been working on ftrack 3ds max integration for our studio for the past few months, so finally getting into actions/events/etc. Just to get this place started, here's an Action I made that I have no idea how everyone else on ftrack works without; the ability to download all Components at once from an AssetVersion. Ideally, I'd like to be able to integrate a Tkinter/Qt UI for choosing the file directory to save files to, but right now that doesn't seem to work, and I can't figure out why (since nothing gets piped to stderr/stdout when I execute a simple Tkinter fileDialog.askDirectory())
    Actually, ideally I'd love to be able to zip the components on the server and generate a download link to that, but I can't figure out how to get boto (S3) to do that. So for now I just multithread the downloads.
    You will need to modify this action to suit your needs (Since you obviously won't have a frostburnS3Accessor class, which really is just a subclass of ftrack.S3Accessor with a few additional methods such as getting the resolved URL of a key on S3. Just replace all of that with whatever type of Accessor that your studio is using)

    Hope this helps get the ball rolling in here!
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    Carl Claesson got a reaction from sonictk in [3ds max] Substantial delay on first invocation of ftrack.setup()   
    The delay you experience in 3ds max is due to the Python version(2.7.3) used in the software which contains an issue with OpenSSL. The issue has been resolved in Python >= 2.7.4 and we have a workaround for this and are having a discussion with Autodesk about how to solve it more permanently.
    If anyone is having the same issue integrating with 3ds max, please contact and we'll help you solve it.
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    Carl Claesson got a reaction from Remus Avram in PDF exports fail everytime   
    It looks like you are trying to use a local file as export logo, which the server cannot access. I've added a ticket for this since it should present an error message if this occurs.
    To make the logo work it has to be a valid url.
    For example:
    Let me know if that helps.
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    Carl Claesson got a reaction from diogo in Mail Notifications   
    This sounds like a good suggestion. Some kind of setting were you can script what should be in the subject.
    I'll add this as feature request and will let you know when we've decided something.
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    Carl Claesson reacted to mitch.s in Uploading media to ftrackreview via API   
    Might get you on track...
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    Carl Claesson got a reaction from in in-task checklists   
    This is something we have on our roadmap. Not necessary implemented as statuses, but more like a checklist attached to a note. 
    As you say, supervisors want to add things that the artist should do to make the note complete. So instead of having a status that you change, the supervisor can add a checklist when creating the note and any recipient of the note have the ability to check things of the list. When all items have been checked, the note is shown as completed.
    Of course, notes with unfinished checklist items should be queryable from notes and in the inbox.
    Exactly how this will work is not fully decided yet and any feedback on the matter is appreciated.
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    Carl Claesson reacted to mitch.s in There's that feeling again...   
    Congrats with FTrack. We ve tested loads of managment softs and we can tell you FT looks very promissing!
    It reminds me of the feeling I had 10 years ago when digging into the Novodex physics api (now NVidia PhysX) and the one I had years ago when checking out Unity3D in it's early stages.
    Look where PhysX and Unity3D are now!
    Keep up the good work guys!