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    We've been waiting on this for a while now. Do you have an expected date of when this will happen?
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    Cool, thanks for your feedback Mattias. The more i think about this concept the more it makes sense for me and is super appealing. In a large project Producers or Lead artist don't necessarily need to assign all tasks to a specific user. The freedom of saying for example these are alle the 3D modelling tasks and i assign them to the 3D modelers group seems very nice. These tasks then appear under the 'available task' column in the my task view for everyone in this group and if a 3D modeler drags a task to another column 'in progress' for example it gets assigned to him/her directly and disappears from the 'available task column for everyone else. So they just work through the pile as they like.
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    I was able to reproduce this issue and we're looking into a fix
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    Lucas Correia

    Time logging

    Hi Chris, It should be possible to use an event listener to automate starting a timer for a user when a task's status is set in progress. The reason that we don't do this automatically is that there can be several situations where you do not want the timer started automatically, and it is hard to know when this is. An event listener is a small python script that can be used to subscribe to changes in ftrack and perform custom logic such as updating a status, starting a external process or triggering a user interface. Here are some useful resources for setting up an event listener: * Developer hub with introduction to the API * How to subscribe with the API * Information about the update event * Example event listeners If you are not interested in logging time, but rather want to see how long a particular task has been in a certain state you can look at querying `Event` objects using the API. There is a snippet with some examples here. You probably want to query for action=change.status.task and parent_id=the task's id. Regards, Lucas
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    Hey @Remus Avram Is this what you are looking for? https://forum.ftrack.com/topic/895-filter-by-component-name/
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    Julian Martinz

    Querying custom attributes

    Hi there, you have to specify key, value pairs if you want to query custom attributes and metadata. The right syntax is s.query('AssetVersion where custom_attributes any (key=downstream and value=True)').first() Also notice that bools are written in upper case. So true won't work as value.
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    Heya, i was wondering if there are any plans already to make the python api both 2.x and 3.x compatible? We are using the api in some of our server applications and would like to move towards python 3. Cheers, Thorsten
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    Good points Yas, and yeah i'm finding that i am needing to control the version numbers at times, at least now i've got the version up happening on the end of Ftrack. I like your explanation of first() and one() as well, i'm still brute forcing my way thought some things as i get a larger overview. On the asset_version - that's a leftover from a test i was doing, forgot to delete it lol.
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    BUG - Sorting Version Link

    Hi, Thanks for sending this in. That's not expected behaviour, so I have reported this as a bug. Regards, Johan
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    Deleting import mappings

    Hi, is it possible to delete saved import column mappings? I can't figure it out if so. Kat
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    Only launch action on current machine

    There is a useful thread here for this: https://forum.ftrack.com/topic/1045-multiple-instance-of-ftrack-connect/
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    Duplicate Schema

    Still wan't this
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    Ftrack local installation

    Hi, regarding this page http://ftrack.rtd.ftrack.com/en/backlog-scaling-ftrack-documentation-story/administering/managing_local_installation/server_requirements.html Ftrack runs well on Centos 6. Are also later versions of Centos supported? Thanks
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    Hi Remus, Correct, right now there is now export on that report. But your suggestions have been noted, so let's see if either a choice for report will be added. or maybe the filter solution mentioned initially. /Johan
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    Hey there ftrack, me again. So I love this upcoming dates pane in the task board but I there are a few minor UI improvements I think would make it even better. 1) If the date listed has passed, it would be nice to color the date RED. If its within days of the date maybe it goes orange - Might even be cool to have a divider showing where TODAY lands 2) Dates seem to take a while to fall off this list, is it like 2 weeks? Would be nice to customize this. (the attachment posted was taken Sept 17, and theres still Sept 11 date on there) 3) The "show more" button at the bottom seems unneccesary. I feel like I always have to press it because by default I only get 5 dates which doesnt even begin to take up enough real estate anyway. I think you should just have them all show up. If theres a lot maybe you have a button on the bottom that instead says "TODAY" and scrolls you back centered on today.
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    Is there more to the error? Can you post some more of the log? What are you doing when the error pops up? Can you load the Diagnostics page in Server Settings?
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    Erik LaPlant

    ftrack Browser tabs

    Repost As a manager I often have multiple tabs of ftrack open on my computer, but the tabs all say "ftrack". Do you know if it would be possible to have the *active project* listed on the tab?
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    It would be nice to be able to choose an assignee for a shot. Having full task breakdown assignments are great, but a lot of times I have a need to assign a full shot (all tasks included) to one person. Viewing that assignee when the hierarchy view is in collapsed view would be nice as well.
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    >>> for object_type in session.query("select id, name from ObjectType"): >>> print object_type["id"], object_type["name"] 4be63b64-5010-42fb-bf1f-428af9d638f0 Asset Build 01decdd1-51cb-11e3-9d5b-20c9d0831e59 Milestone bad911de-3bd6-47b9-8b46-3476e237cb36 Shot 11c137c0-ee7e-4f9c-91c5-8c77cec22b2c Task ...
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    Mattias Lagergren

    Time logging

    Thank you for reporting, I was not aware of this and at the moment we've restricted time-logging to task and this sounds like a bug.
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    Thanks for sharing, I like the idea. This has been on our radar previously so it's nice to see a demand for it.
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    Erik LaPlant


    As a project manager, it would be very helpful to have twitter-style @mention functionality (tag a user by entering "@" followed by their user name) in notes, so that I could get a direct email notification whenever someone mentions me.
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    Hi, Thanks for reaching out. The JavaScript API does not automatically connect to the event hub. You can either call Session.eventHub.connect() or specify autoConnectEventHub when creating the session. Read more in the documentation: http://ftrack-javascript-api.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/handling_events.html Yep! Both are connected to the same event server and events will be available to either client. Regards, Lucas
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    Hi all! This returns me all available version: task = session.get('Context', 'some-id') versions = session.query('AssetVersion where task_id is "{0}"'.format(task['id'])).all() I need to get only the latest versions. Is it possible?
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    Exporting Links

    Asset one works great! Shot one just needed a small change to make it work for a full shot number: For Shot 140/0105 outgoing_links.to.name = '0105' and outgoing_links.to.parent.name = '140'
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    Simplify team management

    Thank you. This was just a proposal how it could work. It can be done with multiple selection and a function like "add selected to group" as well....or when adding users to the group the list of users (that can be added) can be just contain the users added to the ungrouped team.
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    Hi Remus, this should be related to: https://forum.ftrack.com/topic/598-manage-roles/ We're working on a fix here: https://bitbucket.org/ftrack/ftrack-python-api/pull-requests/186/backlog-collections-are-not-merged/diff
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    Hours in My Tasks

    Hey, Got a request to have hours on the My Tasks page. https://imgur.com/a/fzmDM
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    Could you elaborate on this? Trying to trigger an action dialog from a custom published event, and can't seem to get it to work.
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    I see, thank you for elaborating. The best solution at the moment would probably still be an event listener that warns/revert changes. A custom attribute could be set and read on certain users to allow them to modify their timelogs regardless of that limit. I will update our feature request with details from the use-case you provided.
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    Adding users on an existing note

    Hi, Not sure if this has already been requested, It would be great to be able to retrospectively add users to a note posted on a Task/Shot (Edit Note) we keep finding that we have to reply to an existing note typing ' Adding more users' as a workaround. Many thanks! George
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    Hi Ftrack Team, is there a way to send an existing note to more users?
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    Hi Tobi, it is currently not possible to do this but we have an accepted item on our trello board roadmap: https://trello.com/c/hjeU0hHW/30-cross-project-task-user-overview
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    Hi, We have just released a new version of ftrack-connect 0.6.2 (https://www.ftrack.com/portfolio/connect). This is a major release as all ftrack connect plugins have been updated to no longer use our legacy API and instead use the new API. This change will improve performance across the board, as well as lead to a quicker development cycle. In addition, we are including our new Beta plugins for Maya and Nuke built around the open source project, Pyblish (http://ftrack-connect-documentation.rtd.ftrack.com/en/0.1.12/). Backwards compatibility with the old location plugins and actions are achieved through the ftrack-location-compatibility plugin (https://bitbucket.org/ftrack/ftrack-location-compatibility). While old locations and actions will continue to function, we highly recommend that you start looking at migrating your plugins and locations, please have a look at the migration documentation for more information (http://ftrack-connect.rtd.ftrack.com/en/latest/release/migration.html) For more information on what has changed please refer to each updated package: ftrack connect 1.0.1 ftrack connect cinema 4d 0.1.3 ftrack connect hieroplayer 1.1.5 ftrack connect legacy plugins 1.0.0 ftrack connect maya 1.0.0 ftrack connect nuke 1.0.1 ftrack connect nuke studio 1.0.0 ftrack connect rv 3.6 ftrack python legacy api 3.6.0 We hope you enjoy the release. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback. cheers Eric
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    Hi Remus, yes - this should be released in the next version of ftrack - 3.5.4.
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    Hi Remus, at the moment this is not possible but I've got a similar request regarding links in the Tasks page. The only concern I can see is a presentation one - that it may be a lot of versions and hard to present them.
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    Lucas Correia

    AssetBuild Custom Attributes

    Thanks for following up. For future reference, the server version 3.5 requires ftrack-python-api 1.0.4 or higher. Version 1.0.3 will be unable to use custom attributes properly (what ionav experienced) and versions prior to 1.0.3 will fail to initialise the session with a ServerCompatibilityError. For more information, see the migration notes. We are still polishing a few things before we will start to roll out ftrack 3.5 to hosted sites and will be in contact before then.
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    Lucas Correia

    Ftrack's front end stack

    Hi Remus, The move to the new front-end stack will be an ongoing and progressive effort and you will start to see parts of the interface being updated or replaced over time. We started last year with releasing the Adobe integration built on a new front-end stack. After that, we have recently revamped planning and introduced studio-wide overviews in ftrack 3.5 which will be sharing with everyone soon (let us know via email on support [at] ftrack.com if you are eager to try these). Going forward, we will continue to replace parts of the interface with components using the new stack. There is also a bit of an update regarding the front end stack in this blog post. Regards, Lucas
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    I found the answer (for those looking at this in the future): group_name = 'Test Subgroup' user_name = 'fzand' membership = session.query( "Membership where group.name is '{0}' ".format(group_name) + "and user.username is '{0}'".format(user_name) ).first() session.delete(membership) session.commit()
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    If this is important for you, I think your best option would be to use the layout system: http://ftrack.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/administering/managing_layouts.html Note that this is quite advanced but give you a lot of freedom. To make them slightly easier to manage (if you add new custom attributes) you could automate the generation of them.
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    Yes, we've just initiated a slow roll out of 3.5.0 and will be in contact with you and others over the next few days.
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    Hi Remus, this is a setting in System settings, "Auto start task on activity": http://ftrack.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/administering/configuring_scheduling.html
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    Hi @Bisnis3d, sorry for the delay on getting back to you. We updated our version of 3dsmax to match yours and we found similar issues, but we sorted them out. The root cause we found for this error, is that something is modifying the PATH (which works for libraries as well as exe) variable in the system, prepending some library path to it. This does clash with the ones which are bundled with ftrack-connect-3dsmax and makes raise the error you found. So, long story short, what's the solution ? Have a look at other plugins or software you might have been installing and/or check your environment variables if are modified to change the PATH one to something custom. The best option, of course, would be to test on a fresh machine. ps.just to be sure , also update (just for security) the VC ++ Redist version to the latest. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=53840 Let us know ! L.
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    We would like to have the ability to turn snapping on and off in the Schedule Gant view when moving or creating a task. We would like to snap to the end ,or beginning of a task and we would like to snap to a user defined time segment like day, half-day, hour, beginning of week. This would help set up complex sets of tasks. Cheers Eric
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    Links in notes and spreadsheets

    Hi We use a lot of reference material for building assets and shots, it would be good if it was easier to put links in notes, and attribute columns in spreadsheets so that we can link to external URL paths and also local paths (for non assets, i.e. reference material or folders with lots of reference images). At the moment it is not very easy/straightforward to do that as you have to use the [link](url) notation in notes. It would be great if you could just paste a link and it auto-formats. Also there is almost no way apart from description column to put a link in the spreadsheet. Is this something that you think of implementing? thanks
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    Remus Avram

    Custom keyboard shortcuts

    Hi Ftrack, is there a way to customize the keyboard shortcuts? It would be handy for different operations which are done often. Cheers, Remus
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    It is something like deleting the user, but actually it is not deleted from the DB, it's hided in the view. Similar with hiding the projects.
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    Hi, You should be able to use the base class "TypedContext": session.get('TypedContext', id) It will figure out the correct subclass
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    Time logging

    Being able to change the time log for other people as a supervisor or coordinator would be good.
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    Fredrik Limsater

    Links in notes and spreadsheets

    Hello, vote for this feature on our public roadmap: https://trello.com/c/I6gLlP67 Cheers, Fredrik