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    PDF / Excel Export

    Hi, we're using the Export function to create a list of the current shot/task statuses. Unfortunately the layout of the PDF can't really be changed by the user. Specifically we'd like to increase the size of the thumbnail in those lists. A dropdown menu to switch between small/medium/large image sizes would be a nice addition to the export function. Of course larger images would reduce the number of items per page. Also we noticed that there is a small bug with (custom?) attributes of the type "Number". Although the field is a non-decimal number (which is shown correctly within ftrack) the numbers are shown as decimal in the exported PDF. So 5 turns into 5.0 for example. Regarding the Excel export it would be nice to have the same layout for the excel sheet as for the PDF. Then the user could change the layout the way he wants. At the moment the excel file does not include thumbnails. I assume that's because the excel files are created via a parsed csv file? Kind regards, Tobi