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  2. Ah ok .. guess that’s by design. you could setup an event handler that is listening to status changes and sets a ‘latest_approved’ flag on the most recent approved version. Then you could use that attribute in your queries. Quite involved for what you want but it should work. Would be welcome if something like that could be accomplished with the filter queries instead.
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  4. Hi Julian, thank you for your answer, but the built-in latest version filter sadly doesn't work here. It only gets all latest versions like a preselection and other Filters are applied after the "the built-in latest version filter". If I have an Asset Version 7 which has the status "pending review" and an Asset Version 6 with status "Approved" i want to get the Version 6 as result. What I get for this asset when activating the "built-in latest version filter" and filtering for "Approved" and "Artist Reviewed" is an empty result. Thats because Version 7 which is the latest existing version doest not match the filter criteria. Version 6 is not included in the Query. Is there anyone who can help me with this? Thanks!
  5. Thanks. I don't think it's mentioned anywhere in the document though.
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  7. I may be wrong but can’t you combine the query filter with the built-in latest version filter and are done?
  8. Hi, we are currently trying to set up a filter query in the browser. Goal is to list all latest version of assets for one project which have the status "approved" or "Artist Reviewed". We have come up with the following query: "( is 'Artist Reviewed' or is 'Approved' ) and ( is 'Compositing' and not_like '%preRender%')" The thing is that we only want to see one result, the lastest, and not all versions matching the criteria. I have read in the forum that "limit and order by" statements are not possible in the filter query. Do you have a hint for us to get the result we want? thanks!
  9. Hi Paulo, You can't do it exactly like that. But you could maybe use a query filter: Using "DAYS", like in this example: > "{DAYS(-2)}" Regards, Johan
  10. Hi Julian, Thanks for updating. Good to hear that you found what you need. Regards, Johan
  11. Digging around I found the answer to my question by myself. For reference it is possible to modify the labels on review-session-objets. More information can be found here and in the action here
  12. Hey Johan, Actually, this is exactly what I (and Tim, if I understood him correctly, too) want to do. The question is where to find the default one. Best, Julian
  13. That was it! Thank you for your prompt response! That brings me to a second question that is less pressing: shouldn't the `publish_components` hook only respond to events that were generated on the originating machine?
  14. Hi Julian, It is currently not possible to customize the create project dialog using configuration. You can however replace the create project dialog using a custom action: It is technically possible to build a custom create project dialog using the default as a base, as that is open source. Regards, Johan
  15. Hi @John, encode_media does not currently support image sequences, only singe image or movies . you can find more information about this method here hope it helps. L.
  16. Hi @Konstantin Maslyuk yes we are currently working on that repository for some upcoming features on integrations, but is far from being usable. Regarding your note on the QApplication is something we'll also be looking into as soon as its more stable. Stay tuned L.
  17. Hi Paulo, North Star shouldn't be added to the project in that way (because of the role). But should get access to the project when tasks are assigned to that account. If you assign a task to this account, do you see it in the list of people on the project? When you assign/unassign tasks to this account, do you get notifications? Regards, Johan
  18. Hi Jen, Welcome to the forum. Could you please verify if you are logged in to Connect on multiple machines using the same account? Both Mac and Windows? Regards, Johan
  19. Oh...ok. Thank you for the reply. Paulo
  20. Hi I need sort the changed dates of statuses. Whats expression nescessary to make a custom atribute for show the changed dates of statuses? I thing make something like uploadep picture. Regards.
  21. Hey there any news on this one? Is it possible to customise the default dialogue or is the only solution to build a custom version from scratch and override the default one with the layouts?
  22. Hello, any one has any clue?
  23. John

    Querying custom attributes

    Thanks Julian! It works now.
  24. I've written a custom location plugin for ftrack-connect and the 'real' paths to file components show up correctly in the ftrack UI. I can also use the 'Open Directory' action successfully, etc. My issue stems from publishing a version in Photoshop. The publish appears to fail (see attached), but the file is created in the correct place and the ftrack UI shows the new version and its corresponding component. If it didn't actually fail (from a practical standpoint), why am I getting this error? The other thing to note is that I'm on a Windows 10 system, so the listed components configuration location is correct, but for some reason ftrack-connect wants it to be at a macOS location instead. The ftrack-connect logs don't show an error, so I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this.
  25. Is there any option do add comments/descriptions to versions in the client-review? Apparently the only information that are carried on to the review-session are the TaskName, parent object name and version index. It would be great if it is possible to forward comments / descriptions from the AssetVersion to the client-review. Or display the Asset Name as well. For example when I want to share 2 Versions of the same edit with different audio files or different endings the only ways to make clearly distinguishable for the reviewer is to either comment the versions myself right in the review, add slates or create separate parent objects or tasks for each version. And frankly, I don't find any of them appealing. Including the AssetName as information for the reviewer would be a step forward but an option to manually pick attributes/comments which will be forwarded would be even more useful. Maybe I am missing something and it is already possible? AFAIK there is also no option to work something out via the api?
  26. Hi there, you have to specify key, value pairs if you want to query custom attributes and metadata. The right syntax is s.query('AssetVersion where custom_attributes any (key=downstream and value=True)').first() Also notice that bools are written in upper case. So true won't work as value.
  27. Hi, I'm trying to filter assetversion using custom attribute, but got an error: As you can see when I inspect the custom_attributes of a version object it did show me the "downstream" attribute is there. Did I miss something? Also, how to compare a bool value? Am I using it right? Cheers, John
  28. Duncan

    Task Status Update

    Ah, I hadn't seen that example. I'll take a look at that. Thanks very much.
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