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  3. Hi @John Su, sure you can ! just extract the given script (or download it directly from here ) and drop it in a folder mapped in a FTRACK_EVENT_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable. When the session start will look into that variable to see if there's any plugin to be discovered and run. I'd suggest having one folder on a shared server folder mapped so you can simply drop events in there. Hope it helps. If you need any further help just let us know ! L.
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    Authenticate a user

    Hi John, I transfered this to the Support channel. Need some more information on what you want to do. Will continue there. Regards, Johan
  5. Hi Alex, I transfered this into the Support channel. Sent you an update from there. Regards, Johan
  6. Installing and testing the api in Blender Go to the blender's python folder (blender <version>/<version>/python/bin/) Ensure pip is installed with: ./Python3.7m -m ensurepip Install the api using pip: ./pip3 install git+ Launch Blender and open Python Console to test the api
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  8. we have the same problem over here, have you ever found a solution
  9. Thanks Lorenzo, it works after launching ftrack connect(don't know it has to be with connect before). Is there anyway I can get it work without ftrack-connect? We've wrapped all the publish/actions launcher entrace so except for this we don't need ftrack-connect. It would be great if there's a way we can do it without ftrack-connect. Cheers.
  10. thanks a lot, that makes sense!
  11. Hi @TTT there's no need to install it locally to each machine. This event can be easily hosted on a central network folder and mapped into the FTRACK_CONNECT_PLUGIN_PATH Hope it helps. L.
  12. Hi @John Su, the path is resolved through an event available in ftrack_connect itself and called If the path is red is possible that your structure cannot be properly initialised and hence not be resolved. You can try adding more logs into the and see if anything is off. Please send us , either here or through support (depending on how sensible the information are) and we'll look further into it. Hope it helps. Cheers. L.
  13. It's worth mentioning that the path is 100% available by "location.get_component_availability()" even though it's red.
  14. Hi Marcell, The possibility to add attachments to the notes is not present, at the moment, in the new Review interface.If you need this, there's a possibility to switch back to earlier Review, in System Settings/Review/Settings.The possibility to attach will make it into new Review as well.Can't say exactly when, but will do my best to update here when we have more information. Regards, Johan
  15. Hi Chris, Thanks for your input. We do have a feature request for this here: Unless you already have voted, please do. Is it ok if I add your feedback to the request? Regards, Johan
  16. Hello, I just attached a file as a component to a version but it shows up red in the browser. I did some googling and found this thread: But it doesn't solve my problem. The structure I used can be reproduced using: (Sorry the real code is inside intranet I have no way to bring it out): class ConfigurationiStructure(StandardStructure): def _get_parts(self, component): return ['play', 'asset_a', 'v003'] And the way I'm using the structure is, location.structure = ConfigurationStructure() version.create_component( r'd:\test_upload.jpg', {'name': 'ftrackreview-image'}, location=location ) Also I noticed that when I click Review button in the component, the review page shows up but with an error "A server error occurred. Please try again or contact support.” and it fails to load any media. Any help would be appreciated
  17. Invited! Regards, Johan
  18. We're currently using a custom number attribute for FPS but during our latest project we noticed that the number attribute type seems to round of the amount of decimal points to 2 which caused some issues for us as the project was running at 23.976 FPS and fTrack rounded it of to 23.98 FPS. Is there a reason for the limit of 2 decimal points and is there a way around that without having to switch to a text type attribute? If we have to switch our FPS attribute to a text type will it keep the values it had for all existing and old projects or will it be erased/reset?
  19. Hi John, No problems. Thanks for updating. Regards, Johan
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  21. Could I have an invite please? Thanks!
  22. It would be most useful to be able to have clips plays through when loaded into the client review the same as in Web Player. An option to move to next clip in options drop down, so would have: loop, single play and play next.
  23. Hi Phil, Thanks for your feedback. We are looking at enhancements on this. I have added your input to the request. Regards, Johan
  24. Hi Jules, Can't give any exact time for this right now. But will do my best to update here, as soon as I have more information. Regards, Johan
  25. Hi Laura, The possibility to make changes to objects is set with the permission "Update objects (sequence,shot,task)".If it's disabled you should get the message "Permission denied". Regards, Johan
  26. Oh it refers to Session.pick_location() I think. Sorry for my clumsy question.
  27. Hello, when configuring location, the priority property can be specified as mentioned in the doc(😞 # Set a priority which will be used when automatically picking locations. # Lower number is higher priority. location.priority = 30 My question is, what does "picking location" mean? i.e when and how does this happen? Cheers.
  28. Hi Ftrack Team, In the new version of ftrack Studio (Local installation - at the Client Review, the file upload option disappeared. Is it possible to get file upload back in a newer version as an option in the review Session dashboard or as a global config? This would be important for us because we would like to totally eliminate e-mail communication. With file upload, clients could send us new layouts, fonts, music, and any other assets. Please consider this, I know that the file upload still exists under the hood, because I can upload anything as a reply from the studio dashboard. Thank you, Marcell
  29. Hi, I will transfer this to the support channel. And update you there. Regards, Johan
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