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  2. Hi , I'm basing my code on this cascade status changes hook: I have the following function that I use to update the status of an "Asset Configuration" entity automatically, it returns the status of the "from entity" of an incoming link: asset_configuration_states = ['IN_PROGRESS', 'NOT_STARTED', 'CANCELLED', 'DONE'] def get_state_name_asset_configuration(link): '''Return the short name of *link*'s state, if valid, otherwise None.''' try: state = link['from']['status']['state']['short'] print link['from']['name'] print state except KeyError:'Child {} has no status'.format( ftrack_api.inspection.identity(link['from']) )) return if state not in asset_configuration_states: logger.warning(u'Unknown state returned: {}'.format(state)) return return state If all the links return DONE then I also update the Asset Configuration to DONE. It seems however that sometimes this function returns the old state of these "from entities" and not the new updated one. An example: I have an "Asset Configuration" entity with 5 incoming links. 4 of these incoming links have as status DONE, and I change the status of the 5th incoming link from IN_PROGRESS to DONE as well. This triggers the call of the get_state_name_asset_configuration() function which should now only return DONE for all the incoming links, however the 5th link still has as its state IN_PROGRESS. I have a similar function for a Shot that checks the status of its sub-tasks just like in the file, and that one works when checking the status of a task. Is the problem that I'm checking the status through a link, and this isn't updated yet at the time of checking? If so is there a way to force them to update before I call this function? Edit: after doing some testing it seems to me that Tasks do return their correct status, but entities like Folders/Shots/Sequences do not (they still return their old non updated Status)?
  3. I was following the instructions for configuring Sentry for error monitoring, but when I restarted the server I kept getting "ValueError: Invalid Sentry DSN" in my logs and the server refused to start. It turns out that in the Client Keys section of my Sentry project, I need to hit the "Show deprecated DSN" link in order to show the DSN that includes the secret. Apparently newer Sentry clients no longer require having the secret in the URL, which is why Sentry lists it as deprecated. It would be useful to specify in the instructions that the deprecated DSN is required in order to avoid confusion.
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  5. Hi Jen, Thanks for sending this to us! I will ask our development team to take a closer look at this. Thanks again! Regards Simon
  6. Hi Jen, Thank you for sending this to us. I’ve reported this as a bug and our development team will take a look at it. Thanks again for the great information! Regards Simon
  7. Hi Jen, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I agree that the error message could contain more information on the specific issue. I will forward this to our development team. Regards Simon
  8. Hi Kristing, Thank you for the feedback! I will forward your feedback to our development team for future updates. Have a nice day! Regards Simon
  9. Hi JP, Thank you for the feedback on the bookmarking system! I have added your input as a feature request for future updates. Have a nice day! Regards Simon
  10. Hi Bryan, The new player will share some functionality with our existing Client Review, unfortunately I can't say for sure which functions that will be added but I will forward your feedback to the developer team working on the new player. Thank you! Regards Simon
  11. Hi Fernando, Sorry for the late reply. I see that you sent this issue into our support at You can follow up on the ticket using the ID Ticket #93741. Regards Simon
  12. Hello , Is it possible to link a certain version of a folder to another entity? Currently I have a folder containing some tasks, and I link that folder to my custom entity. I am now creating versions for the task folder, and would like to 'pin' a certain version to my custom entity. When looking at the incoming links in my custom entity, I would like to know which version of the Task Folder was linked. Is this concept possible to do through the API?
  13. @jen_at_floyd you should have an email.
  14. It's my understanding that using the following code should always return the same metadata entity: const metadata = await session.ensure( 'Metadata', {parent_id: "7bd2c20a-f7a1-11ea-8466-005056829324", key: "builds", parent_type: "Breakdown"} ); If the entity did not exist before, `session.ensure` would create it, and if it did exist it would simply return the existing entity. Instead, if the entity already exists this will throw a Duplicate Entry error.
  15. As an additional bit of information, attempting to update the `parent_type` key with `session.update` has no effect. Metadata created via the Python API, e.g. `breakdown['metadata']['builds'] = "foo"`, has the correct `parent_type`.
  16. If I do something like this: const metadataResult = await session.create( 'Metadata', {parent_id: "7bd2c20a-f7a1-11ea-8466-005056829324", key: "builds", parent_type: "Breakdown", value: "foo"} ); ...the contents of `metadataResult` will be: { action: "create", data: { __entity_type__: "Metadata", key: "builds", parent_id: "7bd2c20a-f7a1-11ea-8466-005056829324", parent_type: "Milestone", value: "foo" } } Notice how the `parent_type` key is listed as `Milestone` when it should be `Breakdown`. For further context, `Breakdown` is a custom object created via the Objects interface and it has the 'Status' box checked.
  17. Please send me an invite!
  18. Currently when artists try to view the latest version of a shot at the task level in Ftrack using the webplayer, it's not always pulling the latest one. Going to "versions" and selecting the latest version is an extra step just to be able to view one shot - especially since reviewing in web player by task worked before. This is the current workaround. It also introduces more room for user error. Is there a way for us to review the latest version of a shot on the task level?
  19. Lorenzo Angeli


    Download 2.4.1 What's new New : Startup error related to location setup are now visually reported. Fixed : Discovery does break on non context entities. How to install stop ftrack-connect-package remove previous nuke studio plugin from : <ftrack-connect-package>/resource/connect-standard-plugins/ download and uncompress the new version in : <ftrack-connect-package>/resource/connect-standard-plugins/ restart ftrack-connect-package
  20. Download 0.3.0 Originally written by Mike Datsik What's new * Changed : Add file logger * Changed : Update pyside signal signature for pyside2 compability. * New : FBX export on publish. * New: FBX import. * Fixed: Thumbnail save failed on windows publish. * Changed: Have plug-in load proceed if there is an exception setting up frame range and fps. * Fixed: Hip can now be imported on Windows with paths having backlash (\) elements. * New: New Import,Merge & Open import options. How to install stop ftrack-connect-package download and uncompress the new version in : <ftrack-connect-package>/resource/connect-standard-plugins/ restart ftrack-connect-package
  21. Recently I was attempting to create a Folder object via the JavaScript API and encountered this error: Permission denied: not allowed to 'create' 'Task'. Missing the required 'Create objects (sequence,shot,task)' permission. I was providing the `name`, `parent_id`, `object_type_id` during my attempt, and the given error was very strange to me because my user should have administrator permissions for the project I was modifying. After a while I realized that I needed to also provide the `project_id` so that the API could figure out whether I had the appropriate permissions to make this change. Still, if the `project_id` is required to determine permissions, it would have been more useful if the error message specifically called that out instead of sending me down a rabbit hole of checking my permissions and API keys.
  22. Hi @marc mantei , please ensure you are extending the FTRACK_CONNECT_PLUGIN_PATH and not overwriting it. L.
  23. As the Title states, when i set a Connect Plugin Path as in a machines Sys Environment Vars, i lose my Adobe Suite Apps - they won't show up in the actions menu anymore. How to fix Adobe Integration on ftrack connect plugin paths via system environment variable? Do i have to add an Adobe Path too? g, Marc
  24. This is a big one for us. We are just starting to use FTrack and the goal is to create an 'Animation' object, and all tasks inside of that object are automatically assigned to users in the group. Furthermore, if there is a department lead, there is a need to create an object, say 'Compositing' for a shot, and that department lead is responsible for ensuring all tasks in that object are completed by the people in their department or themselves. I haven't found a way to add an assignee to any object other than Tasks. We want to be able to make a producer the one ultimately responsible for all tasks within a shot, maybe not the person who is carrying out all tasks, but the shot itself is the responsibility of a specific producer. So we would create a 'Shot' object, and within that would be 'Animation', Modeling', 'Lighting', etc. objects, which would have individual tasks within them assigned to individual artists or groups. If we make an object called 'WIP' than our producer would have to mark the status as 'Ready for Client Review' and is assigned as the sole person who can designate it as such. Currently, it seems that only Tasks are assignable, is this correct?
  25. We have a great schedule of webinars lined up for this year and beyond, from creative discussions and industry panels to product tips and updates. Coming up next: An introduction to Actions in ftrack Studio When: 29 September, 11:00am (BST) Where: Follow this link to sign up See the full ftrack webinar schedule, and watch past webinars and panel discussions, via the link below. See all ftrack webinars If there are any topics you'd like to see covered or ftrack functions you'd like to learn more about, don't hesitate to let us know. We'll see if we can add something to the upcoming webinar schedule.
  26. Hi @zhouyu08512, as the question seems a bit vague, would you mind sending an email to , providing all the information you have about the tool you want to write and what you've been trying so far (with code if possible), so we can try to help ? Looking forward to hear more from you! L.
  27. Hi @Aaron Powell, more than "whatever works for you" is really the fact we try not to enforce these , as are usually defined by studio structures and pipelines. that said, it really depends on what you are after..... overall if you just have scripts which use the ftrack_python_api, my suggestion would be to have them stored in a central place and mapped to the PYTHONPATH (you can think also to have some inheriting from a central path for utilities and having modules named for each show with the specific code you need.) On how, you can go from setting PYTHONPATH into the envs to use something like REZ to handle it all from there. The latter option could be a bit of a stretch , depending on how often you need to maintain these, but might worth the time. Hope it helps. L
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