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  2. Hi Jules, Thanks for your question. This particular feature is being worked on. Can't say for sure, exactly how it will look. But we should see the functionality in future version(s). Regards, Johan
  3. Hi Georgea, Thanks for your question. This is a valid request, being considered for future version(s). Can't give any guarantees, though. Regards, Johan
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    Gantt Chart - export

    Hello, 5 years on, is this feature still being considered? Cheers, J
  5. Lorenzo Angeli


    Download 0.0.1 Requirement Accessible Helix Server What to expect to work Storage setup User preferences setup Publish Versioning Aim for testing Publish from any application Import/Update version through connect's asset management system Known Issues and limitations None known atm
  6. Welcome to the new integration forum for the Perforce plugin! This new plugin provides a seamless integration with Perforce Helix Core in the form of a new storage scenario, allowing artists to publish and retrieve versions straight from it. The new integration is packaged as a native ftrack plugin, ready to be dropped in to place. This forum will have a new thread published for each release and provide a download link for each build. You can subscribe to this forum section to receive a notification when a new build is added. We recommend you use the latest build when available. Install To install, download the zipped file from the correct version and follow these instructions to get to the plugin folder, then decompress the zip in there. Build If you want to build from sources, clone the correct branch and run python build_plugin Bug report When reporting bugs to support, please remember to include: Log file Plugin version Connect version Any stack trace or error you are receiving.
  7. Hi Jules, Tasks are moved/dragged one by one in the view for "My Tasks". Regards, Johan
  8. Hi Max, Welcome to the forum. I will transfer this question to our support channel and get back to you there. Regards, Johan
  9. Invited! Regards, Johan
  10. I feel we have gone off topic for this thread and want to bring it back so the initial request is not lost. We here at the studio I am at, would really like to use the nested note function for the following reasons: We use lists for Dailies as well as for targets and to be able to separate them would be great. We could separate Rounds and client dailies lists We could have finaled lists to be able to track versions finaled by department. We also use RV and there are only a certain amount on line items that it will allow, or we can sift through to find the right dailies list.
  11. I'd love an invite to this channel. Thanks in advance!
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  13. Invited! Regards, Johan
  14. Hello, We've had an animator wonder about the same thing this morning! Was this something that could be/has been implemented? Thanks, J
  15. Hello JPrydz, thanks for your answer. getting closer to get it! Cheers!
  16. Hello all, I'm trying to create some scripts to autoupload a batch of reference movies and link them against their respective shots. I managet to get stuff to work, but I have two problems: I need to display the upload and encoding status in % in the terminal More Importantly, I need the upload to be fast, right now it takes 5 full minutes to upload 20 megs on a 100Mbit upload connection, which is soooo slow. Most probably it's a python problem, but i'd rather not spin up my own server just to have concurrency and data updates, it wold be overkill for this kind of stuff. I noticed that the Review upload has the progress bar embedded (also for multiple files), so there's actually a way to see the upload status, and it's also very fast. Any chance anyone knows how to? This is an excerpt of my upload code def doShotListAuto(sl): for row in sl: shot = session.create('Shot', { 'name': row['Shot Name'], 'parent': current_project, 'status': default_shot_status }) asset_type = session.query('AssetType where name is "Upload"').one() asset = session.create('Asset', { 'name': row['Shot Name'] + '_REF', 'type': asset_type, 'parent': shot }) asset_version = session.create('AssetVersion', { 'asset': asset, 'task': shot }) component = asset_version.create_component( path = row['Base Dir'] + '/' + row['Reference Movie'], data = { 'name': row['Shot Name'] + '_REF' }, location = server_location ) shot['thumbnail_id'] = asset_version['thumbnail_id'] asset_version.encode_media(component) doShotListAuto(my_shot_list) session.commit() Thanks! Max
  17. If possible to treat Notes in the same manner as Shots/Tasks/AssetVersions in relation to the web address/Entity ID, This way links to notes could easily be located and attached to emails, other notes etc.
  18. Hello, Sorry if this is a very newbie question but is it possible to customise the information that appears on the cards in the Projects overview? For example, for us at the moment it's: Project name Project code Start date End date Workflow schema Status But ideally instead of "Status" it would be more useful for us to have "Managers". Is this something that's possible? Thanks in advance,
  19. Hello! Can I please get an invite to this super cool Slack channel? Thanks!
  20. Hi Johan, That works perfectly, thanks very much. Duncan
  21. Hi, The user info is stored as metadata on each note. And: note[“metadata”][“inviteeId”] should give you an id that you can query for using session.query(“ReviewSessionInvitee where id is <inviteeId>“) Hope this helps. Regards, Johan
  22. Hi, Yes, the fact that you can't see this feature should depend on your version. From our release notes for version 3.5.26: Added ability to hide closed lists from the left navigation menu Regards, Johan
  23. Hi, This is a valid request that is being considered for future release. You can add your vote here: Regards, Johan
  24. We’re pleased to announce that ftrack will be in attendance at FMX 2019 from 30 April – 3 May 2019 as a conference partner. FMX is Europe’s premier event for animation, VFX, games and immersive media and stands as one of the world’s most-loved creative technology meetups. Speakers this year include the creative teams behind Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Solo: A Star Wars Story. Remus Avram, Core Technology Engineer at the fantastic Trixter, will also be taking to the stage at FMX to discuss some of the studio's (very exciting) recent work and to reveal how ftrack helped things along. More announcements to come about this in the coming weeks! We’ll be available for meetings throughout the FMX 2019 conference. We’d love to meet up to chat about ftrack and where the product is heading next or to answer any of your ftrack questions. To schedule a meeting with the ftrack team, please use the calendar available via the link below. Learn more about FMX and book a meeting with the ftrack team
  25. ftrack will be at the Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART) this 18-21 March. We’ll be showing off the latest in ftrack as well as our new product, ftrack Review, so come along and say hi! FILMART is the largest marketplace in Asia for the entertainment industry. It covers TV, digital entertainment, distribution, production, post-production, film and broadcast equipment and more. Producers, distributors, investors and professionals from all around the globe head to FILMART to take their craft to the next level. The ftrack team will be sharing booths 1A-C02 and 1A-C04 with Jadason Technology. We’ll be available for meetings from 18-20 March. We’d love to meet up to chat about ftrack, where the product is heading next or anything else ftrack related. Head on over to the booth to meet with us! Learn more about ftrack at FILMART 2019
  26. Hi, We've been using Ftrack for a long time now. Did around 800+ projects using it. There is one thing that would make my scheduling a lot easier is the ability for the task not only to have START and END date, but also breaks in the timeline. It is quite often that I have 3 weeks in my schedule for compositing certain shot or scene. So I setup my "start" and "end" date. Knowing the actual time needed to do it is shorter I also place an amount of budgeted days. I would love to have an ability to put gaps in the task so the system would allow me / or at least warn me if I make the gap to big. The thing is that I still want it to be 1 task - just with gaps in the overview . That would make the overview so much more useful in showing at first glance how occupied are people on certain days. Now I have 4-5 tasks one over the other. It is hard to visually comprehend when the work is actually done if you are not very deeply invested into the project.
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