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    • Scope in planning (global filter)
      Hi Pabilo, welcome to the forums! The Scope feature will soon be introduced with filter support in our new Studio Overview/Planning tools
    • Scope in planning (global filter)
      Hi, I've recently start using the scope feature (global filter) for filtering the work by department. It work well for assets, tasks and projects list but it does absolutely nothing in the planning page... It would be a great feature for manager on specific department, like filtering the production tasks and peoples that work in production or filtering the finishing department tasks and peoples in the finishing department. Is there a way to make it work or should I make a request to make it work in the planning section of Ftrack. Tks. 
    • Manage Roles
      Hi Remus, we currently only support managing UserSecurityRoles via the API. So basically assigning existing roles to users. Regarding point 5, that is a misstake from our side in the schema. Will fix that and until then you can work around it by specifying what to query like this: session.query('select user_id, security_role_id from UserSecurityRole').all() to avoid it using the defaults which include a typo.   And for 6, you should also explicitly query the relation to ensure it is being updates. "select user_security_roles from User"   Let me know if that helps. Cheers
    • Custom colored Tasks in the task view
      Yes, thank you for the explanation - I will update your feature request ticket.