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    • Studio overview technical preview
      Please put us on the list too! Thanks!
    • Inconsistent Task creation errors & crashing
      Hi Lucas,   Thanks for the reply. Task names should not be a problem, they are always unique per project, and we have seen failures with just one task created on a project. The objects referenced (parent, parent_id, status etc) *should* always defined, as they are queried beforehand.   As far as capturing the failed request body, we are having difficulty doing so as I mentioned in my post. I have tried try/catching the whole task creation function with no luck. Also tried logging in .then(), .fail(), .finally() of the session.create call but the code does not get there if the create call fails. If I'm in the browser and there happens to be an error, I can see the (vague) log in the console, as well as a more detailed response in the Network section of the inspector...just can't seem to get there via code and record that.   Is there something I'm missing as far as catching these failed requests, or do you have a suggested way of doing so?
    • Get selected Task from Launchpad within Nuke
      Does that mean that we can change the task by simply changing the FTRACK_TASKID ? Or are there other things that need changing as well?
    • need some hep with a event listener
      Hello. I am trying to create an event Listener that basically prevents people from moving assets inside ftrack. I found an example and tried to do it my self, but Iam getting some issues. the script is suscribed to 'topic=ftrack.update', and will always revert changes,but it seems the "revert function" also activates the listener, so it enters in an infinite loop. these are the functions used in my script. Any help would be very appreciated:   def MoveAssetsBlock(session, event):
          reverted= False
          for entity in event['data'].get('entities', []):         if (entity.get("entityType") == "task" and entity["action"] == "move"):
                  entity_id = entity['entityId']
                  fObject = session.query("Context where id is '{0}' ".format(entity_id))[0]
                  fObject['parent_id'] = entity["changes"]["parent_id"]["old"]
          if reverted:
              except Exception:
      def register(session, **kw):
          if not isinstance(session, ftrack_api.Session):
              return     handle_event = functools.partial(
               MoveAssetsBlock, session)
          session.event_hub.subscribe('topic=ftrack.update', handle_event)